Q&A with Coding Club Coordinators

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Q&A with Coding Club Coordinators

Benjamin Tooker, Staff Writer

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It’s Tuesday after school; While most have left for home, in the deep recesses of the school, ‘coders’ congregate. With the help of Mrs. Teehan, two enthusiastic seniors, Cade Riegler and Mary McMullan, guide ten to twenty attendees into the fascinating and equally difficult world of java: an object-oriented programming language. Cade Riegler is here with me today to discuss his experience running the Coding Club and his goals for it.

How long have you been running the Coding Club?

Coding Club was actually founded when I was a sophomore by a senior named Omar. After he graduated, Mary and I took over running the club and have done so for the past two years.

What is the hardest thing about running a club?

Spreading awareness and attracting new members is the most difficult component. Last year, membership was fairly low overall, with less than half a dozen consistent members. Meetings had to be called off sometimes due to a lack of attendance. This year, however, membership has improved significantly and the club is much more lively.

What do you hope to accomplish for coding club members this year?

Since there is no AP Computer Science course this year, I want to provide a way for students to learn how code despite the class not being available. Still, the main focus is just for people to enjoy themselves and learn that coding can be fun. It would be awesome if some members decided to take the AP Computer Science exam in May and test their knowledge of Java.

“It has been amazing to see the positive response to the club this year.” adds Cade. “Going from four members to over twenty has been incredible and I at least hope that everyone learns a little something about coding.”

Coding Club meets every Tuesday after school in room 2412. Come join the fun!

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