10 Tips to Hack Your Morning

Alex Lehotsky, Staff Writer

Getting up for school can be quite a struggle, sometimes (more like most times​) it’s no easy task getting out of bed. Here are ten simple hacks to make life a little easier at 6:00 in the morning.

1. Make a morning playlist.​ Listening to music in the morning can wake you up and put you in a better mood.

2. Change the sound of your alarm to something worth waking up to.​ Those loud and obnoxious alarms may get you out of bed, but they don’t put you in the best of moods. Try picking a calmer alarm sound.

3. Eat breakfast!​ It can be something as quick as a granola bar or something more filling like cereal. Whatever your appetite may be, it’s a great source of energy.

4. Set out your outfit the night before.​ For girls especially, picking out an outfit the morning of can be a bit of a time crunch. Be prepared by picking out and leaving out your outfit the night before.

5. Set your alarm a little before you have to wake up.​ Though it may sound painful to wake up any earlier than you have to, setting your alarm a little earlier can prevent you from oversleeping and will give you some time in bed to relax, relieving the morning rush a bit.

6. Place your alarm out of reach so you’ll have to get up to turn it off.​ This will force you to get up out of your bed and can prevent you from oversleeping.

7. Pack your lunch the night before and stick it in the fridge.​ This can eliminate some time in your morning routine so that you can hit a couple more z’s.

8. Wash your face right when you get up.​ This will stimulate your mind and body and will help you wake up more.

9. Try to take night showers, or just rinse off your body in the morning.​ We want as much sleep as possible, and showers can be pretty lengthy. Showering the night before can help make your routine shorter.

10. Pack your backpack the night before.​ Again, this alleviates the mad rush of finding your homework and books in the morning.