Leo Wins an Oscar

Amber Bayhem, Editor of Arts and Entertainment

Well, it finally happened – Leonardo DiCaprio has received his long-awaited Oscar. Though everyone is looking at the sky to see if they can spot a flying pig, this Oscar is, well, long due for the 41 year-old actor.

Of all movies to receive his Oscar for, some people find it strange that “The Revenant”, Leonardo DiCaprio’s popular new film of the year, is the movie that finally got him that glorious golden award. Most people think that he should have gotten his Oscar long, long ago – well, not that long ago – in 1997 when “Titanic” was one of the most talked about movies. Others believe that Leo should have gotten it when he turned the world upside down with “Inception”.

Well, no matter what the movie is, it’s easy to say that we’re all proud of Leo for finally winning his Oscar, although some will definitely miss the hilarious jokes and even app games, such as “Red Carpet Rampage, a game in which you play as Leonardo DiCaprio literally chasing down his Oscar on the red carpet past some big-name stars, that will be inaccurate now that the punchline (Leonardo DiCaprio never getting his Oscar) isn’t true anymore.