Fuller House Review

Gabby Loeser, Social Media Manager

Netflix’s original series, Fuller House, is a spin off of the 1980/90s TV show hit series Full House.

Fuller House jumps forward 29 years to the present day. It shows D.J. Tanner as a mother of three young boys and her struggle of raising all three kids on her own as a single mother.

After the whole family gets back together for a weekend before everyone moves away, D.J. unknowingly lets her whole family know how stressed she really is when she forgets the baby monitor is still on, and vents to her youngest son.

After the whole family hears this D.J.’s younger sister Steph decides she will stay and help her older sister, D.J.’s childhood friend Kim decides she will also move in and help her.

The first episode is a tear jerking the whole family is back together for one last weekend, they bring back old jokes from the original series sending viewers into a huge state of nostalgia.