NJ Devils vs. NY Islanders

Paige Padla, Staff Writer

If you have never been to a hockey game, like me before October 4, I encourage you to add it to your bucket list. Out of all the football, basketball, and baseball games I have attended I have never had the experience that the Devils vs the Islanders at the Prudential Center gave me. The moment we got to the train station there was already groups of people sporting the bright red and dark blacks on their jerseys and shirts.

  Sitting on the train at every stop we seemed to gather more and more Devils fans, eventually dumped into Newark, where we walked to the arena. Outside excitement was coursing through the air, it was opening night for the Devils. There was free face painting which I and my boyfriend’s cousins indulged ourselves in, free shirts thrown into the crowd along with hot dog stands and the occasional outbreak of a fan wearing blue and orange colors (to represent the Islanders) yelling back at a Devils fan. I learned quickly that Devils fans are very proud of their team (and of course there was already alcohol flowing.)

  By the time we actually got into the arena the game was soon to start. I had the privilege for my very first game to sit at the front of one of the highest seats, the section referred to as “The Crazies.” It was not long after the song rang out signaling the beginning of the game, all the players announced and the crowd cheering, and booing for the opposing team, that I found out why the fans in these stands had such a name.

  Hockey is a sport known for their fights. To my dismay I was not able to see player vs player fights, but I did catch a few fan vs fan. I have never seen so many fan fights in my life, it was exciting. And the later in the night it became, and once again more alcohol, the rowdier the crowd seemed to get. It kept things very exciting.

  Hockey fans are definitely my favorite type of fans. Under new ownership, they changed the goal song. A well known melody with no words that the Devil’s fans sang to, “Hey, You Suck!” It was now changed to a Bon Jovi song, who is a Ranger fan (which the Devils and the Islanders had no trouble chanting together “Rangers Suck!”) and there was many complaints the next day on Facebook.

  But by the end of the night, the score 3-3 into overtime, and Brodeur, the Devil’s famous goalie, missing a shot fired by the opposing team and ending the game in defeat, it did not feel at like a loss.

  The game was exciting and satisfying to watch, very quick and easy for me to understand. I left that night with good stories, a good time, and as a new Devils fan.