Art School Auditions

Paige Padla, Staff Writer

The Arts High School located in Neptune, offers a lot of different programs pertaining to the arts. There is dancing classes, film making classes, creative writing classes and so much more. Auditions were held this Saturday from 1-3 pm at the Visual Arts Center at Brookdale Community College. I auditioned for “multi-genre” writing or creative writing. More than one audition was being held at a time.

For my audition there was only about 20 girls and boys. Each person had to read a piece they prepared for the audition. A range of students from 9th graders to 12th graders auditioned. The instructor was also the teacher of the class that was going to be held.

We had only about an hour left of the audition when we had to pitch an idea to the instructor as if he was a director and we were writing a story for a movie. It was optional to read it out loud. I wrote a love story.

There were many different types of stories read throughout the course of the audition. There were also many different types of people. It’s not an easy thing to read your work out loud to people and leave yourself so open to judgment but I’m glad I auditioned. I was also the only north student who attended the audition. Hopefully, next year we will have more students interested in the program.