Block Scheduling: Students and Staff

Paige Padla, Staff Writer

With this new year there have been many changes brought into High School North that not only affect the students but also the staff. Block scheduling is definitely a change for every grade level, especially upper class men who, for most, have not dealt with A/B days since middle school.  But it is also a challenge for freshman and sophomores because they are being exposed to a more college-level environment. There are many different opinions  amongst the staff and students when it comes to block scheduling about the longer lunches, freedom, cell phone use, and mostly adjusting.

For each student most reasons are different, whether the blocks effect their sports schedules, after school clubs, etc. For sophomore Elizabeth Downing the block scheduling actually gives her an advantage when it comes to sports.  The tutorial block gives her time to join clubs and go to extra help, things she had never been able to do before block scheduling was put into place.

For most students the tutorial period is a plus, although some feel lunch is to early in the day. Junior Brian Nolasco claims, “The lunch is to early, but I like that we can sit with whoever we want.”

For sophomores and freshman the freedom of block scheduling is really what they enjoy. Freshman Dominic Schettino states, “The freedom of doing whatever you want in advisory is pretty cool, and being able to use your cell phones feels like they’re trusting us more which makes us feel more grown up.”

There are also the new cell phone rules, which every student seems to appreciate since it is so new to the upperclassmen who spent freshman and sophomore year texting under their desks.

Another perk to block scheduling is the learning experience. The 80 minute periods allow teachers to go into depth when it comes to new lessons and also gives the class more time to understand the material. Although it is trickier for other classes to make a lesson last for 80 minutes like in gym, other classes use this to their advantage.

Most teachers feel that block scheduling will become easier as everyone adjusts to it. There are many advantages and disadvantages to block scheduling, but instead of putting it down immediately give it a try.

Some students may come to really enjoy the freedom and the change.