Kite Runner Book Review


Olivia Badway, Writer

TW: This book explores sensitive topics, be sure to look up its contents before proceeding.

Set against the backdrop of Afghanistan, the story begins with an unlikely friendship between a wealthy Afghan boy, Amir, and his servant’s son, Hassan. The two grow up as brothers against all odds. With the constant pressure from society, Amir’s morals begin to change and his treatment of Hassan, who is a Hazara, shifts. After a series of events, they have a fall out and Amir continues to struggle while he finds his place in the world.

The written works by Khaled Hosseini are of excellent quality. The novel portrays the complex nature of guilt and the consequences of betrayal. This novel was a bit out of my comfort zone, and although the topic was heartbreaking, the writing was superb. This was an 8/10.