MHSN Recognizes Administrative Professionals Day


Prinicpal Cullen

A message from Principal Cullen:

“Today, Wednesday, April 26th, is Administrative Professionals Day. This serves as a valuable opportunity to recognize the positive campus-wide contributions of Mrs. DiBenedetto, Mrs. Scala, Mrs. Alaia, Mrs. Zucosky, Mrs. Emery, Mrs Famiglieti, Mrs. D’Amico, Mrs. DiVilio, and Ms. Clapp. These talented and dedicated individuals assume countless responsibilities that fuel High School North’s irrefutable success. Their endeavors enable smooth operations management, maximize community safety, and ensure compliance with necessary guidelines, as well as essential mandates.

Each approaches daily tasks with utmost sincerity, is detail-oriented, and demonstrates the work ethic that serves as High School North’s very foundation. They are, in fact, the glue that holds us together and lights that guide our way.

Our amazing team of administrative professionals provide unwavering support, always listen, and consistently uphold the standard of excellence that makes this building so incredibly special.”