Top Five Women’s Outfits of the Golden Globes


Emily Bulmer, Staff Writer

See what the most famous celebrities are wearing to draw attention to themselves at this year’s Golden Globes.  

BEVERLY HILLS- Tuesday, January 10, 2023 the yearly awards ceremony “The Golden Globes” was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The Golden Globes have been held since January 20, 1944. There have been many great outfits throughout the years. I would like to present the top five women’s Golden Globe outfits of 2023. 

Coming in at number one we have MJ Rodriguez. Her ravishing blue satin dress was stunning. It really brought out her skin tone and made her seem unique compared to the rest of the simplistic style dresses I’ve seen. This one-of-a-kind dress was in the shape of a bow! The dress had a split down the middle and it flattered her body type, making her look extremely elegant.

At number two we have Mrs. Jennifer Hudson! Overall, I think her dress was very fitting to the “Golden”  theme. She looked so beautiful and this color was also very flattering for her skin tone. I don’t think it’s too much for her, although it might be for other people. I think it adds to the sparkle of her smile. Overall, most people had little sparkles or silk outfits but she came out with a chunky sort of sparkle with a very different collar, which I loved.  Her hair definitely showed off the dress and made it evident what the focus was.

The third time’s a charm with Salma Hayek. The glitter all over that sheer-looking dress was so beautiful and timeless.  She gave off very classy vibes and almost reminded me of a flapper from the ‘20s with the diamond fringe. The only reason she is ranked at number three is because I disliked the black straps at the top. They were the first thing I looked at and they were kind of an eye sore. I would love to see this dress in another color!

At number four we have Paige Butcher.  Even though the color is simple the designs are giving “wow” vibes! The black flowers throughout the black dress create such a pretty texture, The one shoulder of flowers is so flattering and the mesh blends on her skin which makes the flowers look like they are coming from her shoulder. The flowers that hang from her sides also create a mystical vibe. I wish that her hair was put in a different style or had a pop of color. 

Last but not least, we have Stephanie Hsu. I love the black and white contrast of her dress. The unique sleeves that come from the top are extremely flattering on her. I think we could’ve done something else with the hair. Overall, I think it is a nice dress but I was expecting something more mature from her.

Overall, these outfits in my opinion were the top five women’s outfits from the 2023 Golden Globes. Each person had their own Younique features that made them stand out from the rest. Some went for the classy and elegant look while others strove to be unique and artistic.