Uncharted Movie Review


Animesh Jadhav, Writer

New Uncharted movie image released as PlayStation acknowledges cinematic push is a 'risky' venture | VGC
Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland star in Uncharted (2022).

Uncharted is a movie inspired by the video game series. The film begins with a flashback of Nathan Drake as a child as he sneaks into a museum with his brother Samual to take the map of Magellan’s first trip around the globe.

Fast forward to present time, Nate meets Victor Sullivan who also shares an interest in Magellan’s map. Sully tells Nate that the reason Magellan took so long to complete his trip was because he found treasure. Sully wants Nate to help him look for this treasure which is worth over $5,000,000,000.

Most of the action scenes in the movie received inspiration from the games with a few twists for originality. A lot of the humor Nate uses in the game was also included in the film to heighten the effect on the audience.

In comparison to the game, the movie isn’t as good as I had hoped it would be. However, that is to be expected from a movie based on a video game. However, if you are watching the movie without any knowledge of the game, I think you would enjoy it a lot more. Overall, I would rate it 7/10.

As stated before, the movie took a lot of inspiration from Uncharted 4. For instance, the part where the characters stole the cross from the auction was taken straight out of the game with only a change of location. The directors also included a scene from Uncharted 3 where Nate fights off people on the cargo plane and is then hanging from the cargo crates mid-air.

Uncharted (2022) - IMDbIn my opinion, this scene was adapted perfectly. Nate freefalling and then catching the crate mid-air was one of the best parts of the movie. The most exciting part was the mid-air ship battle. This part was completely original to the games and was really well directed. My friends also agreed that this was the best part of the movie.

The most noticeable difference for me was that the movie featured a young Drake instead of the old Drake. Also, Nate is not as violent in this movie as he is in the game. In the movie, there is little to no blood shown and it is only inferred that people died. On the other hand, in the game, Nate kills many of the mercenaries that are trying to get their hands on the gold.

Overall, if I were to rate this movie as if I had not played the games, I would rate it 8.5/10.

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