Disney Plus Original Series “WandaVision” Released


Picture courtesy of Disney+ Originals.

James Conway and Shashank Chalamalasetty, Staff Writers

Following Marvel Studio’s climatic culmination of its previous 21 films in Avengers: Endgame, 2019, fans clawed for more of the Marvel cinematic universe. 

Only three months after the release of Endgame, movie-goers returned to their cinematic escape through Spider-Man: Far from Home, experiencing the post-Tony-Stark world through the lens of Peter Parker (Tom Holland). Though Thanos’(Josh Brolin) search for the infinity stones resulted in the death of fan-favorites Iron Man and Gamora(Zoe Saldana), fans would be remiss to forget that he also had to kill the Vision (Paul Bettany) to succeed. 

In Disney Plus’ new original series WandaVision, viewers return to the “MCU” for the first time in over a year. Initially in the form of a 1950’s sitcom, Wanda Maximoff, reprised by Elizabeth Olsen, is newly married to the Vision. This alone raises some questions since Vision clearly died on-screen and no movies in recent memory have been in a classic 4:3 “box-shaped” aspect ratio. As the series progresses, the audience experiences the different decades of classic television sitcoms with references to Bewitched, The Brady Bunch, Family Ties, Full House, and many more all the way to the 2010s, including allusions to Modern Family. However, a darker plot slowly unfolds beneath the “happy” layers of the seemingly utopian world as Wanda and Vision live their perfect, suburban lives.    

With two episodes remaining (airing on February 26 and March 5) confused fans await the dramatic conclusion- and confirmation of their many theories- to Marvel’s first Disney Plus original series. Though there is an unassuming and straightforward tone to the first couple of episodes, WandaVision is proving to be an intricate and beloved installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and may play a key role in setting up the next phase of Marvel movies for years to come.