Photo courtesy of Qwest TV.

Ava Costa, Staff Writer

When rapper Mac Miller died in September 2018, it shook the music industry and the world. His death came a few weeks after releasing his album Swimming and he was in the process of recording a companion album titled Circles

Circles has been completed and was released posthumously on January 17.  It has already been met with rave reviews from critics.

Circles begins with the titular track of the same name. Eerily foreshadowing words are sung by Mac Miller over a mellow guitar track: “Well this is what it look like, right before you fall.” On the track, Miller describes feeling directionless.

“Complicated”, the following track, is about similar themes, as Miller describes being “too young to be gettin’ old.” The track is soulful with a synth-filled beat. 

“Blue World” is about feeling untouchable when having a person by your side to share your success with. 

Lead single “Good News” has a beautifully sleepy guitar beat as Miller raps, “There’s a whole lot more waitin’ for me on the other side.”

“I Can See” has an electronic beat, sounding similar to the soundtrack of an arcade machine video game. There are background vocals that sound almost certainly like Miller’s ex-girlfriend pop star Ariana Grande. While unconfirmed, the inclusion of these vocals elevates the track.

Album closer “Once A Day” is about being overwhelmed by emotions. Miller sings over a simple, calm beat. Miller says, “Once a day, I try, but I can’t find a single word.”

Circles is an experimental yet elegant album. Miller seemed somewhat self-aware of his troubles, yet optimistic and mellow. Circles tells his truth about mental health, loss and fear. It is beautifully executed and is sure to be a contender for awards.