TV Production Club Hosts Horror Film Festival


Mr. Cullen prepares to host the Horror Film Festival.

Sarah Cohen, Staff Writer

On October 28, Middletown North’s TV Production Club held a Horror Film Festival in room 1301. Student films were projected on a large screen in front of a crowd of people eager to get into the spooky spirit. 

As Halloween was just around the corner, the room was filled with eerie scenery and props. The “Audience Choice Award” went to Max Cusson for his creation of Voices

Though the films were all put together by students, the festival would not have come to fruition without the influencer behind the camera. Mr. Cullen has mentored and worked alongside his students as they strive to achieve their goals as filmmakers. Below is an interview that was conducted with Mr. Cullen.

Q: What is your opinion on the turnout of the Horror Film Festival?

A: “The turnout was very successful. I enjoyed seeing fresh faces in the crowd.”

Q: Which film did you think was best?

A: “I was pleased by individual parts from all of the films entered into the festival. I’m proud of all of my students and their dedication to film.” 

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a TV Film Teacher?

A:  “I love teaching them the ropes and them taking those skills and developing awesome films. Seeing my students work on a film festival screen is one of the best feelings I receive from my job.” 

Overall, The Horror Film Festival of 2019 was a success. The TV Film Club is continuing to work on more productions that will be entered into future festivals. Stay tuned!