Digging Deep- The Oak Island Mystery Revealed by the History Channel


Lion's Roar Staff, Writer

Since being founded in 1995, the History Channel has been inspiring and educating many people on numerous historical topics.  Besides their traditional documentaries and biographies, the History Channel has been releasing television series ranging in many different topics.  One of their current successful treasure hunting shows known as “The Curse of Oak Island”.

Oak Island is a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, in which many people have speculated is the hidden location for many of the world’s lost treasure.  For over two hundred years, many people have attempted to locate these spoils only to face setbacks and in some cases disaster. One theory suggests that seven people will die in pursuit of the treasure before it can be located. As of 2019, six people have died in search of the Oak Island treasure.

The show features two brothers, Rick and Marty Lagina whose life-long dream of discovering the lost treasure is documented by the History Channel crew.  The show is in its’ sixth season and the Lagina’s are trying to solve the 220-year-old Oak Island mystery. Throughout the show, the Laginas map out numerous locations of where they suspect the treasures to be.

After making major discoveries in multiple locations referred to as  borehole 10-X and the the targeted location known as the Money Pit during season 5, the Lagina brothers will look to make season 6 their most successful.  The Lagina’s believe the use of modern technology, collected historical data, the input of former treasure searchers and state of the art digging and drilling equipment will be the difference between previous attempts and this year’s strategy.  If you like suspense, history and being educated all at the same time, “The Curse of Oak Island” is the show for you.

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Cover Photo courtesy of The History Channel