The Nun Review

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The Nun Review

Dean Simon, Staff Writer

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The Nun, directed by Cordin Hardy and with the lead role played by Taissa Farmiga, has many leaving the theaters with sore throats.  Released on September 7, the film contains many scenes that will make people jump out of their seats!

This movie was the prequel to The Conjuring and Annabelle.  The writer does a good job of connecting the two movies in the same cinematic universe as there are many references throughout the film that allow the audience to recall important events of the two sequels.

Several times, the film reverts back to a story of when a 12-year-old girl who takes desperate measures to avoid being possessed, a clear look back to Annabelle. There are also tales told of Ed Warren, a character in The Conjuring, who had prior experience with demons.

Although suspenseful, The Nun offers inexplicable reasons as to how the main characters make their daring escapes from certain death.  An example of this is when one of the characters is pushed into a coffin and literally buried alive. The way he gets out is outlandish at the very least. Another character just happens to wander outside at the same time of the burial. She hears the bell coming from the coffin, digs up her friend and he survives.  

Another instance is when holy water is found in a vial at the exact time a demon appears and is used to vanquish it.  These events cause a moviegoer not to take this film seriously.

Overall, if you are looking for a scare The Nun will not disappoint.  Be sure to check out the film and see for yourself if it was worth the wait.

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