Trends For The Winter Season

Trends For The Winter Season

Katie Hyer, Staff Writer

Trends come and go, but these newest trends have teens running to the stores.

Bear Coats: They are the super cute new sweaters that women and girls are wearing. They are long sleeve jackets that come in various colors, including tan, light pink, grey, and olive green. These coats can be found at Molly and Zoey, Cotton On, Lucki Clover, as well as countless other stores, costing around sixty dollars each.

Bralette: They can be either lace or sheer and teen girls wear them under cute tops. They come in all styles including halter, racerback and strapless, and are sold in many different stores including Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, American Eagle, and can even be found on Amazon!

Sanuk: Sanuks are slide-on shoes that both men and women wear. They come in all different colors and patterns and are sold off of or in various shoe stores, costing around fifty dollars each.