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Why Are Comic Books on the Rise?

Leah Briggs, Correspondent

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In recent years the sales of comic books have increased significantly. Within fifteen years, there has been a 600 million dollar increase in sales.

In the 1940s, the comic book industry took a big step. Comics helped kids, adults, and even troops cope with the war. They provided relief in a time of war, death, and destruction. Yes, there are American troops currently fighting wars, but there isn’t a World War going on. So, why are sales booming right now?

Some people believe that it is solely because the multitude of comic-based movies being produced. Sure, movies are a huge part of it, but there are many more contributing factors.

One factor is the various ways that comic books can be accessed. In today’s times digital comics are available to read if you cannot buy paper copies. In addition, paper copies are more expensive than their digital counterparts.

Another is the increasing popularity of social media. Social media allows for kids and adults alike to discuss their interests and express their opinions with others. Age, gender and other characteristics do not matter online. Before social media and the internet, it took time and effort for an avid comic book reader to find another person who is just as passionate about comics as they are. Now, a reader can find thousands of similar people with just a few clicks of a keyboard.

The final factor is that comic book content is adapting with the times. Comic book authors include current controversial topics, modern references, and important figures in our time. It keeps readers interested and engaged in the comics. With the way sales are going now, comic books will most likely keep readers engaged for many more years to come.

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Why Are Comic Books on the Rise?