MHSN Student Government’s FLASHBACK FRIDAY a Big Hit


Lion's Roar Staff, Writer

The Middletown High School North Student Government has continued to promote it’s school pride program the Hall of Champions Project with with FLASHBACK FRIDAY!

Flashback Friday features a weekly post on Facebook and Twitter that recognizes athletic alumni from Middletown’s high school history. The group posts photographs of athletes from all sports dating back to 1919 to present day.  These photos include those students whom contributed to their respective athletic programs while attending Leonardo High School, Middletown Township High School and Middletown High School North. Athletes such as Swede Hanson, Ted Lauer, Jim Vosk, Bonnie O’Connor, Chris Barnes, Pat Hanson, Nina Rozzo, Pat Toland, Julie Lancos, Thomas O’Neill, Devon Freshnock and many more.

The weekly posts have been well received and followers are encouraged to share stories or moments of reflection based on the photos that are posted.
You can follow the Flashback Friday by clicking on:
If you have any photographs that you would like to share, please contact Jon Scala at [email protected]