Kazia Rae’s Food Review


Mike Puzo, Staff Writer

Located at 49 Carr Avenue in Keansburg this small burger shop is full of surprises. Upon walking in, one would notice a few tables and chairs with a counter at the front of the restaurant. Ordering is done up front and the food is brought over by a server. I decided to start by trying the breakfast burger.

I sat waiting anxiously for my food, looking up at every ring of the bell hoping it was a signal that my food was ready. When the food came I was hungry and excited. The burger was on a waffle with bacon and eggs as toppings.  

I took my first bite after the short wait for my food. The waffle was fluffy yet crispy on the outside, keeping the grease from dripping through.  This may seem like a minor detail, but it made eating the burger easier and more enjoyable. Moreover, the burger was juicy. It was thick and cooked medium rare to my preference. The fried egg was placed on top of the meat, making it hard for me to avoid the yolk dripping down my hand.  I didn’t mind though, because it tasted delicious. The bacon was good and crispy, providing just the right amount of crunch with every bite.

The burger was $10, an average price for a burger. However, there is also the option to add other breakfast meats or sides to the burger for just one dollar. Although this may boost the price, it will also add a new flavor to every bite.

Overall, the burger was above average and I would certainly recommend stopping at Kazia Rae’s to eat.